Les Jolies Fesses and their erotic games strives to bring our tushes a new breathtaking set of erotic games. Under the thong hides a desire to promote a playful and unique sexuality.

“Motherland, honor, freedom, these are nothing: the universe revolves around a pair of buttocks, that’s all…” Jean Paul Sartre

But what’s behind that magnificent derrière?

Their new medium of communication for adults is halfway between games, eroticism, and fantasy. 

A selection of games gives you the opportunity to have fun alone or with others

For example, you can play with O’lala, the “la carte à gratter” that will let you admire a beautiful pair of bums or better yet an excellent promotion from one of their partners.

You could also try “mots doux”, a guessing game about positions and sex toys.

Other games will complete their range of entertainment very soon.

What else can you find on Les Jolies Fesses?

Their very user-friendly site will allow you to discover French models whose buttocks make more than a dream. Get to know the most beautiful plants of our beautiful country, France.

For the industry professionals, a directory is at your disposal, as well as small advertisement services. Whether you need to list your products, your promotions or your services, Les Jolies Fesses offers you to publish your ads.

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What are Ben Wa / Geisha balls?

Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls are both a sex toy and a training and rehabilitation tool for perineal muscles. They are interconnected balls made of different materials that you can insert into your vagina, either for solo play or with your partner, or for the purpose of developing your perineal muscles.

They are made from stone, glass,or steel, and are often covered with a material that is pleasant to the touch such as plastic or silicone. They come in different sizes, often between 3 and 5 centimeters, and weigh between 20 and 120 grams. Depending on your use, you will find one in our selection of geisha balls that suit you best.

To choose the right ben wa / geisha balls, we will examine the different contexts in which you should use them.

What are these cute little balls meant for?

Let’s talk first about the use of geisha balls in sex play, solo or in pairs, and the enhancement of your pleasure. We recommend that you choose balls with a heavy weight, with a flexible cord, which will allow them to slide well in your vagina.

The goal is to heighten your sensations tenfold, so you should look for a model like the Fifty Shades of Grey Beads. You will be able to make them move by yourself, or wear them while walking in the street. The balls will move and collide with each other, making you vibrate more intensely.

When it comes to perineal training and rehabilitation, it’s important to understand how to choose and use them. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pleasure, or simply to tighten your vagina, it’s important to understand the principles.

Maintaining a well-toned vagina is important for a variety of reasons. It will help you with bladder control, increase the sensitivity of your vagina and improve its natural lubrication, make your orgasms more intense and allow you to maintain pressure during penetration.

A final word about the Ben Wa / Geisha Balls

The key to rehabilitation is to choose ball kits of various weights and sizes, as well as to follow a muscle training program. It’s important to know that maintaining a good tone of your vagina and practicing exercises once or twice a year is essential.

You should opt for geisha balls that have a firm cord between them, which will keep them from moving too much after insertion. The weight of the balls will encourage contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. This will allow your perineum to contract well to secure your balls inside.


The intimate toys we call ‘connected sex toys’ can be controlled remotely, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You simply have to install an application on your smartphone, and you won’t have to do anything else but have fun with your partner. Together in private, in public or thousands of miles away, you will be in full possession of its capabilities.

Each sex toy has its own application downloadable on Google PlayStore or AppleStore, of course. You will then have at your disposal a whole range of features and functions, each one more insane than the other.

There are several types, which we will classify into two main categories: (1) discreet toys, such as egg vibrators, and (2) classic toys, such as the magic wands.

As far as discreet sex toys are concerned, you have the egg vibrators and the vibrating panties, as well as anal plugs. They are designed to be worn outside the bedroom to spice up your sex life.

Egg vibrators are inserted directly into the vagina, while vibrating panties are small devices that are placed on the clitoris. Anal plugs need no further explanation. 

During dinner, a film-screening or a night out with friends, you will have full control over your partner. Nobody will be able to guess that you are wearing a sex toy in one of your orifices. The psychological appeal of the game makes it even more exciting, doesn’t it?

As for the more traditional connected sex toys, you’ll find magic wands, non-vibrating dildos, vibros and rabbits. They are for partners who prefer to play in private, together or remotely. Even on the other side of the world.

Of course, it will be more difficult to use them in the street or any other public setting, at the risk of being caught for indecent exposure. I dare you to try it!

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Whether you are a couple in search of erotic play, in a long distance relationship, you want to improve your complicity or you are a fan of mind-control games, you will surely find the connected sex toy that best suits you.


The dildo is a non-vibrating phallic-shaped sex toy, used for vaginal or anal penetration. They have existed since pre-history and have brought pleasure to several generations of women who wanted to spice up their sex life. Alone or accompanied, the dildo will always satisfy you.

There are various shapes and materials, from silicone to glass, metal and SILEXPAN®. Some have built-in suction cups. We will review the choices available to you, before you indulge in the pleasure of orgasm. Not guilty, your honor.

In terms of their shape, most dildos look like casts of the male sex. A more or less long penis, topped by a glans. Sometimes, veins are also present for an enhanced and realistic look of an erect penis, along with the testicles.

The materials have evolved over time that majority of them today are made of silicone which provides a soft and pleasant texture. The flexibility of the material varies from one model to another, but the dildo will always be suitable for various purposes that your perverted mind would desire to make use of: vaginal, anal, oral, auricular…

The SILEXPAN® is a mix between a rigid base and a soft silicone surface. This gives the dildo a realistic skin-like texture, while ensuring constant pressure on your erogenous zones. Just like a real penis, but without the meaty bits and the problems that come with it.

As for glass and metal, they are excellent materials for those who seek extreme sensations. Their rigidity allows to maintain a constant level of pressure on the vaginal or anal walls. They will also allow you to play with cold or hot temperatures, in order to experiment with multiple sensations. Moreover, their maintenance through sterilization is very easy. You are not yet done enjoying yourself!

Finally, let’s not forget to talk about those with built-in suction cups. These dildo models are especially user-friendly. The suction cup allows you to place your dildo on any flat surface so that you may use it hands-free. In other words, you’ll be free to fondle, to masturbate, to perform oral sex or to film yourself. A shower wall, a solid mirror,  or your grandmother’s coffee table will do the trick!

Don’t forget to clean your dildo before and after use, with suitable products. Sterilization is an essential step in maintaining proper hygiene.


This erogenous zone, often forgotten and taboo, should get your full attention. The anal plug will open new doors for you! Pun intended.

The stimulation of the anal area is a rather vast subject, whether it is done all by itself, in complement to other acts or, in preparation for intercourse, for example. The sensory receptors in this zone make its stimulation a real pleasure! No pun intended, of course.

These include the perianal area, the anus, the anal canal and the rectum. The sensitivity of these areas require a certain level of consideration and patience. Each of these areas provides specific pleasures, and choosing your anal sex toy according to your desires must be done with great care.

Here we will talk about the anal plug, i.e. the sex toy that allows the dilation of the sphincters, either as a preamble to other sexual practices or to penetration. Its oblong shape ensures a progressive penetration and is well suited to novices as well as to the more experienced. Its flat surface that acts as a stop will prevent the toy from being absorbed by the rectum. Once in place, its role will be to help the anal muscles to relax.

The initiation to anal practices is most often done through the anal plug, which is the most common sex toy and the easiest to use for the less experienced among you. They come in different sizes, and are most often made of silicone or medical steel.


The magic wand is a real magic wand that will make you convert to black magic.

This legendary vibrator is a must have, all women who have tried it once end up getting one for themselves. And I’m talking about experience!

This magic clitoral massage wand will transform your sex life forever, believe me. Its soft vibrating head will caress your labia and clitoris, while maintaining a constant or alternating vibration that will increase in pressure and intensity until you reach your breaking point.

Reaching orgasm is no longer a problem with this vibrator, it will deliver you from the evil that prevents you from sleeping. Its intense vibrations will accompany your most beautiful fantasies.

You cannot live without it, let’s be honest. The advantage of this toy is that it can be easily recharged and has a long battery life. Story to make you addicted forever!

There are different models of wand, with or without power cable, battery operated, heated and connected, as well as different sizes. It’s up to you to invent the sex life that goes with it!


The womanizer is the most popular and the most widely-used sex toy by women all over the world! It is our pleasure to share its secrets with you.

This clitoral stimulator is the star of female masturbation. It will give you multiple intense orgasms.

Its air suction feature called Pleasure Air technology makes it the most effective product on the market.

Its ergonomic design, its soft texture, its silent motor and its hollow mouth make it a product particularly appreciated by all clitorises.

The stimulator diffuses pressure waves all around the clitoris without direct contact. It will give you a good number of repeated orgasms, almost anywhere. Within the limits of public indecency, of course.

The intense sensations at the perfect spot will drive you crazy, without ever saturating the sensory receptors or risk desensitizing the clitoris. It allows you to reach magnificent multiple orgasms, without leaving you an unpleasant sensation afterwards. So you can do it again and again, and that’s all you ask. Good girl.

The Womanizer comes in several models: the classic, liberty, premium, premium 2, starlet, duo, eco, lily allen, and inside out. Each of these models have different features and functions Depending on your preference and budget, you are bound to find the womanizer that will send you to seventh heaven.