Les Jolies Fesses and their erotic games strives to bring our tushes a new breathtaking set of erotic games. Under the thong hides a desire to promote a playful and unique sexuality.

“Motherland, honor, freedom, these are nothing: the universe revolves around a pair of buttocks, that’s all…” Jean Paul Sartre

But what’s behind that magnificent derrière?

Their new medium of communication for adults is halfway between games, eroticism, and fantasy. 

A selection of games gives you the opportunity to have fun alone or with others

For example, you can play with O’lala, the “la carte à gratter” that will let you admire a beautiful pair of bums or better yet an excellent promotion from one of their partners.

You could also try “mots doux”, a guessing game about positions and sex toys.

Other games will complete their range of entertainment very soon.

What else can you find on Les Jolies Fesses?

Their very user-friendly site will allow you to discover French models whose buttocks make more than a dream. Get to know the most beautiful plants of our beautiful country, France.

For the industry professionals, a directory is at your disposal, as well as small advertisement services. Whether you need to list your products, your promotions or your services, Les Jolies Fesses offers you to publish your ads.

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