What are Ben Wa / Geisha balls?

Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls are both a sex toy and a training and rehabilitation tool for perineal muscles. They are interconnected balls made of different materials that you can insert into your vagina, either for solo play or with your partner, or for the purpose of developing your perineal muscles.

They are made from stone, glass,or steel, and are often covered with a material that is pleasant to the touch such as plastic or silicone. They come in different sizes, often between 3 and 5 centimeters, and weigh between 20 and 120 grams. Depending on your use, you will find one in our selection of geisha balls that suit you best.

To choose the right ben wa / geisha balls, we will examine the different contexts in which you should use them.

What are these cute little balls meant for?

Let’s talk first about the use of geisha balls in sex play, solo or in pairs, and the enhancement of your pleasure. We recommend that you choose balls with a heavy weight, with a flexible cord, which will allow them to slide well in your vagina.

The goal is to heighten your sensations tenfold, so you should look for a model like the Fifty Shades of Grey Beads. You will be able to make them move by yourself, or wear them while walking in the street. The balls will move and collide with each other, making you vibrate more intensely.

When it comes to perineal training and rehabilitation, it’s important to understand how to choose and use them. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pleasure, or simply to tighten your vagina, it’s important to understand the principles.

Maintaining a well-toned vagina is important for a variety of reasons. It will help you with bladder control, increase the sensitivity of your vagina and improve its natural lubrication, make your orgasms more intense and allow you to maintain pressure during penetration.

A final word about the Ben Wa / Geisha Balls

The key to rehabilitation is to choose ball kits of various weights and sizes, as well as to follow a muscle training program. It’s important to know that maintaining a good tone of your vagina and practicing exercises once or twice a year is essential.

You should opt for geisha balls that have a firm cord between them, which will keep them from moving too much after insertion. The weight of the balls will encourage contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. This will allow your perineum to contract well to secure your balls inside.