Today, we are introducing you to a new sweet and genuine girl from south east asia, who really loves to play with a MAGIC WAND.

In the ASMR audio sample above, you can hear what wonders can actually create a magic wand. In this video, we tied up a model, shibari style, and we proceeded to make her cum with the aformentioned sex toy.

Anyway, let’s move on and talk to SIREN. Read her interview below now!

Welcome to womaneasier! Tell us a little bit about you and what your kinks are :

Hi I’m Siren, a naughty 22 years old, residing here in Manila. Uhm I think one of my kink is I love when the other person is holding the side of my neck or choking me. Tying me using a neck tie or rope. Pushing my hands behind my back while we’re doing doggy style. I’m more of a masochist.

Which is your favorite sex toy and why?

I only have one toy as of this moment. I haven’t try anything yet other than the one I own. I love the magic wand, because it has many vibrating patterns and speed. Besides, it looks so cute. At first it felt weird lol, but I definitely recommend it. I think every woman should own this sex toy!

Could you describe your experience with it, how you love to use it and how it makes you feel?

To be honest the first try is so fucking unexpected. I was like okay, the package is already here. I’ll try this right away to see if this is okay, if not then I will not buy toys again. Damn, it was 10 a.m. at that time, I finished around 1 p.m. I’m still enjoying it till now. Whenever I use it, the toy never disappoints me, I always end up tired and happy. There’s just a little bit problem because I always change my bed sheet after i use the toy. I am much of a fountain squirter, I must admit!

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