In this new interview, we give the floor to the model Ave Charm, a young and sexy Asian. She practices an unbridled sexuality with a multitude of sex toys, but her favorite remains the dildo. She loves to make herself cum by masturbating during penetration. You can also hear her in the ASMR audio clip you’ll find before her interview. Does she make you feel hot on your loins?

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Welcome to Womaneasier! Can you tell us more about your personality? And what are your fetishes?

I am 29 years old, I come from South East Asia and I moved to France a few years ago for my job in finance. I am also a photo model in my spare time, I call myself Ave Charm. I must say that I am a little naughty libertine for my pleasure, and that I have an overflowing sexuality. I love to play with men and women alike, and in the privacy of my own home I enjoy sex toys and games. Role-playing and disguises, for example, make me very wet. I also try to mix it up with different sex toys, like the dildo or the magic wand. The dildo being my sex toy of choice, I love to make myself cum by masturbating during penetration.

What is your favorite toy and why did you choose it?

The dildo is really the best companion for me. What I love most of all is to be able to use it with one hand, while my other hand is free to take care of my clit. The masturbation is even more intense when I feel myself being penetrated. But some variations are also possible, if for example, I decide to play with my partner, I will tend to penetrate myself with the dildo while I suck or lick his pussy.

Can you describe your experience with your toy, how you like to use it and how it makes you feel?

I find the dildo both practical and exciting. On one hand, I can enjoy it at my own pace, and on the other, I can set it up wherever I want. Not to mention the fact that I can combine it with other toys, anal geisha balls for example. If I feel like using it on my couch, all alone in front of a porn movie, it’s ready to use. And then, I like to feel the erect penis penetrating me gently, before spreading my vagina wide. Sometimes I use my suction cup dildo by sticking it on my coffee table, and I can sit on it directly. If I’m with my partner, I like to feel myself getting fucked while I’m taking care of him or her. I rarely give it much rest anyway!

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