The dildo is a non-vibrating phallic-shaped sex toy, used for vaginal or anal penetration. They have existed since pre-history and have brought pleasure to several generations of women who wanted to spice up their sex life. Alone or accompanied, the dildo will always satisfy you.

There are various shapes and materials, from silicone to glass, metal and SILEXPAN®. Some have built-in suction cups. We will review the choices available to you, before you indulge in the pleasure of orgasm. Not guilty, your honor.

In terms of their shape, most dildos look like casts of the male sex. A more or less long penis, topped by a glans. Sometimes, veins are also present for an enhanced and realistic look of an erect penis, along with the testicles.

The materials have evolved over time that majority of them today are made of silicone which provides a soft and pleasant texture. The flexibility of the material varies from one model to another, but the dildo will always be suitable for various purposes that your perverted mind would desire to make use of: vaginal, anal, oral, auricular…

The SILEXPAN® is a mix between a rigid base and a soft silicone surface. This gives the dildo a realistic skin-like texture, while ensuring constant pressure on your erogenous zones. Just like a real penis, but without the meaty bits and the problems that come with it.

As for glass and metal, they are excellent materials for those who seek extreme sensations. Their rigidity allows to maintain a constant level of pressure on the vaginal or anal walls. They will also allow you to play with cold or hot temperatures, in order to experiment with multiple sensations. Moreover, their maintenance through sterilization is very easy. You are not yet done enjoying yourself!

Finally, let’s not forget to talk about those with built-in suction cups. These dildo models are especially user-friendly. The suction cup allows you to place your dildo on any flat surface so that you may use it hands-free. In other words, you’ll be free to fondle, to masturbate, to perform oral sex or to film yourself. A shower wall, a solid mirror,  or your grandmother’s coffee table will do the trick!

Don’t forget to clean your dildo before and after use, with suitable products. Sterilization is an essential step in maintaining proper hygiene.


This erogenous zone, often forgotten and taboo, should get your full attention. The anal plug will open new doors for you! Pun intended.

The stimulation of the anal area is a rather vast subject, whether it is done all by itself, in complement to other acts or, in preparation for intercourse, for example. The sensory receptors in this zone make its stimulation a real pleasure! No pun intended, of course.

These include the perianal area, the anus, the anal canal and the rectum. The sensitivity of these areas require a certain level of consideration and patience. Each of these areas provides specific pleasures, and choosing your anal sex toy according to your desires must be done with great care.

Here we will talk about the anal plug, i.e. the sex toy that allows the dilation of the sphincters, either as a preamble to other sexual practices or to penetration. Its oblong shape ensures a progressive penetration and is well suited to novices as well as to the more experienced. Its flat surface that acts as a stop will prevent the toy from being absorbed by the rectum. Once in place, its role will be to help the anal muscles to relax.

The initiation to anal practices is most often done through the anal plug, which is the most common sex toy and the easiest to use for the less experienced among you. They come in different sizes, and are most often made of silicone or medical steel.