Tropical Wet Dream: A Russian Sex Tale (Part 2)


This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Him: Hi baby, wru?

Her: at my place. let’s go to greenhouse.

Him: ok 5:30

Her:  yay see ya


They agreed to meet and have dinner together at one of the most visited restaurants in The Island.

She wore her white tube top and a long printed black and white skirt that goes down her toes. Her midriff is showing along with the belly-button piercing. To top it all off, she wore the most basic accessory every girl in The Island wears – the seashells necklace. Being mostly draped in white shades, her natural morena beauty stands out. The whole look accentuates her curves and highlights her feminine allure. With the help of more sunshine in her days, she is slowly evolving into a cinnamon-skinned island girl. She sprayed her sweet powdery floral perfume on the sides of her neck. She also spritzed some in her hair because it holds scents longer and  some to the rest of her body. She’s ready.

She walked out of her villa and went to find the boy next door if he’s around and ready. The lights were out and the doors were closed in his villa so no signs of him at his place. She walked towards the compound gate and there she saw him waiting for her in his motorbike. 

He’s wearing his usual: tight cotton t-shirt that follows the shape of his chiseled chest, broad back and shapely biceps; board shorts and sneakers. 

Hop in, he said.

She had to swoop her skirt in her lap so she could sit properly behind him on the back of the motorbike. He then took her arms and wrapped it around his waist. In his brash Russian accent, he told her to sit tight closer to him. She could not tell if it was a request but it sounded more like an order. Regardless, she followed as if it was the natural thing to do. He turned the engine on til it roared and in a few seconds, they’re on the road. Out of nowhere, he started explaining to her the physics of balance in riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders should sit tight closer together in order for the ride to be smooth and balanced. What a geek, she thought. She could not tell what’s more seductive – the fact that she’s sitting tightly close to his body with her arms around him or the fact that he knows his physics. Maybe it’s both. One thing is for sure. This hunk of a guy absolutely knows how to make a lady feel giddy.

As soon as they were near the vicinity of the restaurant, he slowed down his speed. He let her off the ride and found his way to the parking area to park his motorbike. After that was settled, they went into the restaurant. It seemed like it’s a full-house. There were also pop-up food merchants present besides the resto’s menu offering. The whole place was filled with happy people laughing, eating and drinking. They are either having a great time with their own set of friends and/or meeting a new face or two. 

Since most of the tables were already taken, they had to walk towards  the outdoors by the beach where there’s a small hut with a table and beach chairs where they can relax, have dinner and be away from the noise of a lot of people. They sat silently and a waitress approached to take their orders. When the waitress was gone, she started feeling the ongoing tension between the two of them. 

She was asking about himself but he was quite dodgy and he seemed vague with his responses. It is puzzling. Like, what is this Russian guy doing in a surftown island? It does add to his air of mystery. She stopped inquiring further and let him lead the discussion. He asked him no holds barred if she has ever tried a threesome with a girl and a guy. It was not surprising that he asked but she was still shocked with his audacity to ask the question.

It only further confirmed her suspicions that this guy obviously only wants to get into her pants. No more, no less. This boy only wants to play. By that point, it did not matter anymore if they would ever get to know each other deeper. What matters was the raw mutual attraction and what they were going to do about it. That is the question.

They finished their dinner and billed out. 

Come with me, I’ll show you a nice place. He said.

They rode again on his motorbike. It was an evening of full moon and its silvery light shines bright over the silhouettes of palm trees and the sea scapes. The air is clean and sweet. It was dreamy. They were by the road for a kilometer or two by the next town.

While on the ride, he put her hands to touch his package. She felt his shaft and his pair of balls. She petted it nice and lightly.

He then detoured off road to the right side by the sea. It was dark and there were no signs of street lights or anything. It was just the moonlight and the motorbike’s front light that helped with seeing what’s around. They passed by the bushes along the dirt trail until they stopped where nobody’s around. He turned off the engine and parked the bike nicely after they had both hopped off the ride. 

What are we doing here? She asked as she turned off the flashlight from her phone because she could barely see anything.

Turn that off. No one’s gonna help you. He said. It made her scared. 

He eased his way to her and embraced her. That at least made her feel safe as if saying: Don’t worry baby, I am here with you. 

They started kissing. Softly at first. He started planting small smooches at her face and then her neck. Then back at her lips and mouth. Now with some tongue action. They exchanged mouth fluids until the kissing became more torrid and longing for what is about to happen next.

While kissing, he grabbed one of breasts and caressed it softly. Then harder his hands made their way inside her top pinching her nipples ever so lightly. She gasped. She wanted this to happen. 

He put his pants down. She went down on him while still looking up to his face. A face filled with carnal desire. She put her mouth on his shaft and gave him an ever-juicy kiss and tongue action on his peen. She’s confident with her skills. She started slowly and steady and he melted with her sheer enthusiasm. Alternating the blow and the suck like a cock-hungry bitch she was. He could not handle the heat anymore. 

He made her stand up and he kissed her in the mouth. They walked a little by the nearby tree. They had to balance. She put her hands on the tree for balance and she bent down to welcome him from behind. But nope, we’re not there yet. He stood behind him and he pulled her skirt up while rubbing his own member. She made her face him and he went down on her to kiss her wet and longing pu$$y. Oh, the bliss she felt getting head from this boy next door. He prepared her nicely for what he was going to do to her next.  He made her face the other way where the tree is as he stood behind. He was ready and he put the condom on. 

He eased his way inside of her and she moaned so lightly. He felt her wet tightness. 

It had been a long while since she had a man inside of her so her warm wet insides gave him a similarly warm and wet welcome. Being a petite of a body frame, he could feel her tightness and he could tell that it’s been a while since she’s been used. He continued to thrust his length into her at an increasing pace. With each thrust, it gets faster and stronger. He couldn’t help but grab her hair as he paced himself. Oh did she like it when her hair was grabbed. It reminded her how rough she’s always wanted it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as satisfying of a carnal experience overall. She gladly received his roughness and dominance. It sure activated her submissiveness which felt primal and natural. 

The thrill of getting caught and the thrill of doing it outdoors where you can hear the Pacific ocean waves under the moonshine made it feel like the victory of checking off a sex fantasy bucket list. Unbelievable, except that both of them actually did it.

He went on and on to satisfy himself and as a result, it also satisfied her. They both peaked together at the same time. Their hushed moans and groans were the only witness to their insatiable desire. It was such a deliciously lustful gratification.

Pants were pulled up. Skirt was pulled down. Tops worn properly in its place. They ended the night by sharing one more torrid kiss. Good baby girl, he said. She blushed in the darkness. 

They walked towards the motorbike hand in hand with smiles on their faces. Hopped on the ride and went back home to their own respective villas.

satisfyer pro 2

SEX TOY REVIEW: Satisfyer Pro 2 – The Clit’s Cult Favorite

Sexy adult toys, I have access to plenty. I have my own set of toys. My partner has his own toys. Both for solo play or for our mutual pleasurable enjoyment. Name it, we have it –  the wand, the connected sex toys, anal plugs, and even some kinky objects and gears. 

The one adult toy that stands out for me the most which I consider as my favorite sex toy would be the Satisfyer Pro 2. The mere mention of the name already puts a dirty smirk on my face.

It is the best for me for a lot of reasons. I am going to break them all down in this article as to why every person with a clitoris should own one.

Functions and features

First of all, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is so named after its reputation – millions and millions of ladies are satisfied! No wonder it has won over 200+ international design awards!

It has two main functions that makes it a popular toyfriend for ladies – suction and vibration. 

“AIR-PULSE CLITORAL STIMULATION – The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you feel during oral sex. “

It does not exactly feel like oral sex because it’s neither warm nor wet as that of a mouth and tongue. Although, it is a good idea to use a lubricant to mimic the sensation of oral sex or to enhance the experience with the toy. Since it is a battery-powered type of device that was invented and innovated for pleasure, I would describe it more like a tiny vacuum for the clitoris which thus provides that unique pulsating stimulation that is concentrated on that small nudge of flesh packed with nerve endings.

“QUIET AND DISCREET – The Pro 2 has a stronger motor than its predecessor, but is quieter and more discreet than ever before. Once the skin-friendly silicone head surrounds your clitoris, you’ll hardly hear a sound! “

When you turn it on and put it at its maximum intensity, you would hear the pulsating sounds. The only time you would hardly hear a sound would be for when you already place the head around your clitoris.

“11 INTENSITIES – With the new button design, easily increase or decrease the intensity of the Pro 2 easily. And with 11 intensities to switch through, you’re sure to find the sweet spot that brings you intense pleasure.” 

Here in the description, it says it has 11 intensities. In my experience with this product, it has 5 levels of air-pulsating suction intensity, 5 levels of vibration intensity and 5 vibrating patterns. It is within your control to mix and match, and play around with these as you use this toy. You can do the suction function alone, or the vibrating function alone, or you can go crazy by doing both in varying patterns and levels of intensity. Really, you can do anything that gets you off!

“WATERPROOF – The Pro 2 has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it the perfect companion for the shower or bath. It’s protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use. “

What does this mean? IP stands for “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection”. IPX7 implies that this device has a level of protection from intrusion, of any solid or liquid up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use, which might lead to any kind of device failure. Technicalities aside, it being waterproof does not only mean that it can be used in the shower or in the bathtub. It also means that it is squirt-friendly! Furthermore, you can wash this item with a toy-cleaner on an open faucet without worries that you would get grounded nor would it cause for the device to malfunction.

OPTIMIZED HEAD DESIGN – The head, made from skin-friendly silicone, is now bigger and wider so that it can surround your clitoris even more effectively, allowing you to forget the world while it provides you with stimulation.

It has a round head tip made of rubberry-silicon that’s flesh-like in texture with a hole in it. That is where all the pulsating suction and vibration would come from. It is the negative-space surface area that your clit would occupy for some electro-erotic stimulating action.

How to use the satisfyer pro 2?

All you have to do is to place the head to surround your clitoris. Press the power button for 3 seconds for it to turn on. Use the plus and minus buttons to regulate the intensity of your desired suction action. You can press the power button on for about 5 seconds to power up the vibration. Use those 3 buttons for controlling either/or/both the suction and vibration function you wish to experience from moment to moment.

Tips and Tricks

I would suggest starting off with low level intensity of suction and increase little by little until you feel that you’re getting relaxed. You can introduce the vibration function in varying patterns to spice it up! As soon as you maximize the pulsating suction intensity, you would lose all inhibitions and moan to delicious satisfaction again and again and again that you would lose control of yourself! How is that for a win-win after you lose-lose?

If you’re a first-time user of this toy, I wouldn’t be surprised if you come, and most likely to squirt, within 5 seconds because cheesus christ IT IS JUST THAT GOOD OF A TOY when it comes to serving ecstatic sensations! Believe me. You won’t put it away once you get addicted to the bliss it brings.

Come into conclusion

This adult toy is a big life-saver for me. It saved me from the ebbs and flows of anxiety and depression. It puts me to sleep from when I was having difficult days. It simply allows me to relax my body and decompress from long, especially stressful days.

It saved me from the primitive need to copulate with another human being when I already know it is going to be such a bad idea because it is empty and devoid of any meaning nor connection. It saved me from the physical risks of getting exposed to STI’s and the emotional risk of getting prematurely attached to a dick-owner. Sometimes when you feel the need for some sexy time, it only takes a toy o scratch the itch. Instead of getting it on with the whole social dance of getting freaky with a complete stranger or worse with your ex, the Satisfyer Pro 2 would be here to the rescue.

So if you’re a single lady seeking to practice more self-love and thus, more self-pleasure with the help of an innovative, cult favorite, hand-held adult device, this sex toy shall be more than happy to satisfy you. Like a pro, too!